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Chef Danielle has been cooking for us (myself and my husband) since July '04. It has been a wonderful experience for us. I engaged her because I have a painful back condition that has worsened greatly as I have gotten older, and extended cooking has become very uncomfortable for me. Also, my husband and I both need to have low-fat, low cholesterol and low salt menus. Danielle has lots of ways of working within these restrictions and making the meals tasty and delicious. And, how "delicious" it is to no longer have to worry about "what's for dinner" or to shop for all the ingredients. My newfound freedom from meal preparation has afforded me much more time to pursue other interests and projects in my retirement.

Chef Danielle is extremely pleasant, well organized, and eager to please her clients. For example, she will prepare your longtime favorite recipes too in addition to her own varied menus.

Kudos to Danielle for a delightful culinary experience!!

  • Dear Chef Danielle,

    It seems too good to be true, but you have not presented me with a bad meal yet. Your menu is extensive, and if anything needs to be changed, you do it easily and deliciously. It is so nice not to have to go to the supermarket at the end of a long day and have to decide what I want to make for dinner that night. Plus, by the end of the day, I am hungry and end up buying many of the wrong things to eat, like ice cream. To top it all off, I am even more tired by the time I reach home and end up eating the wrong foods and not cooking the food I bought to make for dinner.

    What is just as important is that you are a very caring friendly person, and it is a pleasure to see you each time you come. You bring all your own tools even though I have a kitchen fully stocked with the same items, and you leave my kitchen in the condition you find it, spotless. It is amazing how in eight hours you produce two weeks of delicious meals.

    What is just as importat is that you are a very caring friendly person, and it is a pleasure to see you each time you come. You bring all your own tools even though I have a kitchen fully stocked with the same items, and you leave my kitchen in the condition you find it, spotless. It is amazing how in eight hours you produce two weeks of delicious meals.

    When I next have a party, I will call you to ask you to prepare the meal for my guests. They will enjoy it, and I will be able to enjoy the food and my guests.

    Lynn F.
  • Chef Fragala was indispensable in planning and executing a gluten-free meal for the Catholic Celiac Society. A special Mass for Catholic celiacs and their friends and family was held at noon on a Saturday. Since many participants were coming from out of town, finding a gluten free meal for them at a restaurant would not be easy. Our solution was to have Chef Fragala prepare the food for about seventy-five participants. We had gluten-free corn chowder, gluten-free chili, and gluten-free cornbread. The meal was delicious and very much appreciated by all who attended. As the organizer of this event, I was glad that Chef Fragala was so aware of the issues involved with preparing gluten free food; I did not have any concerns or worries over the well-being of our celiac participants.

    Chris S.
    Westchester Celiac Sprue Support Group
    Catholic Celiac Society
  • Hi Danielle,

    I have meant to write before this to thank you for the wonderful meals you prepared. As you may remember the meals for a week was a gift from my son and daughter-in-law. It was an exceptional and thoughtful idea.

    The efficiency with which you operated and the results were something we will always remember. The meals were delicious and plentiful. We froze several of them which when prepared were a delight.

    Thanks again,
    Muriel and Leigh
  • Danielle is a very lovely chef! I feel very lucky to have found her. I called Danielle because I recently was put on a strict diet for health reasons. My food options are significantly restricted. Danielle has been able to make delicious meals for me that do not taste like they are missing anything. It's a lifesaver. Her food is fresh, simple and well prepared. Each entrée comes with delicious, creative sides and plenty of sauce or salsa or whatever is needed to polish the meal. She is knowledgeable about food alternatives and recipes, open and curious about how she can help and accommodate my restrictions, and really a pleasure to work with.

    Danielle is totally professional, completely organized and committed to her work. She works really hard. She cleans as she goes, keeping and leaving my kitchen spotless. She makes ample portions and gives lots of choices. She is friendly with my kids and pleasant to have in the house. And wow the house smells good while she is cooking!!

    As a 'foody,' I would love to taste what Danielle can make with a full range of ingredients, but I am lucky to enjoy the food she cooks for me. It takes a lot of stress away from a stressful situation.

    Chef Danielle is a great value, a great help and a nice person. I certainly recommend her.

    Diane G.
  • Danielle came to our house with all the ingredients and got right to work. The food she prepared was delicious. We especially liked the crab in puff pastry and the artichoke stuffed chicken. And best of all, we didn't have to leave our house to have a professionally cooked meal. When she was done, she cleaned up and left our kitchen just as it was. Thanks again Chef Danielle!

    Dr. Barry and Tracy G.
  • Danielle has been a Life Saver. From the first phone call, she has been extremely attentive and sympathetic to my very strict dietary needs. These include gluten free, soy free, corn free, dairy free, & low sugar. It is not easy to cook with these restrictions and Danielle has been so creative in making me delicious meals. I am grateful to her. She is extremely reliable and takes her work very seriously. When we arrive home in the evening, the only reason that we know she has been there, is because the house smells wonderful. Danielle is very trustworthy and I cannot thank her enough for bringing home cooked delicious meals back into my life.

    Liz L.
  • Chef Danielle has been cooking for my husband and me since the beginning of 2006, and I continue to appreciate her more every time she comes to prepare our meals. She is especially talented in making food delicious and healthy. Despite the numerous food allergies and sensitivities that we have, Chef Danielle manages to make a wide variety of scrumptious meals, prepared to our specific tastes and preferences. I rely on Chef Danielle to design our bi-weekly menus, and she has not disappointed us in creating fabulous meals using the freshest ingredients. Thanks to Chef Danielle, my husband and I are eating yummy, healthy, home-cooked meals instead of ordering in pizza and Chinese takeout. She is also incredibly punctual, organized, and extremely neat. When I come home at the end of the day, the kitchen is cleaner than it was when I left. Chef Danielle is simply superb. I feel so lucky to have found her!!

    Dana L.
  • Hi Danielle: The Beef Bourguignonne was great. My husband was thrilled. He ate three plates full! I used to have the local meat market make me a lot of prepared foods and my husband said yours is much better than that ever was. That makes me very happy. You are a life-saver!

  • Dear Chef Danielle,

    Thank you for making our anniversary so special with your exquisite four course dinner on Saturday night. Everything was wonderful... from the raspberry vinaigrette and cous cous salad to the sweet pea risotto and chocolate mousse. The presentation of every meal was beautiful showing us that you really care about your work. And the lovely table setting, complete with flowers and rose petals was that extra touch that made us feel great.

    Thank you again for a splendid evening. I hope to savor your culinary delights again soon... whether for ourselves or with family!

    Anna C.
  • Thank you so much! Your corn muffins were absolutely delicious - so tender and they did NOT fall apart (a huge plus in GF cooking!) If you write a cookbook I'll be in line to buy one. A "pet peeve" of mine is that GF cookbooks have "mock" crackers and "almost" muffins. I want REAL food - your muffins were just that!


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