Services and Prices

  • One to Two people (10 meals)$325 service charge + groceries (average-$140)
  • Three people (15 meals)$350 service charge + groceries (average-$150)
  • Four people (20 meals)$375 service charge + groceries (average-$215)
  • Five people (25 meals)$400 service charge + groceries (average-$245)
  • Six people (30 meals)$425 service charge + groceries (average-$275)

* Prices do not include sales tax
* A meal includes soup or salad entrée and two side dishes.

Additional options:

  • Extra sides of vegetables can be prepared with simple cooking instructions for $10 per meal.
  • Sides of soup or dessert can be prepared for $25 per item.
  • Specialty desserts are based on an hourly rate of $50/hr.

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